Tuesday, September 7, 2010

When all else fails...just go NUDE!

Whoa. Wait a minute! What do you mean "go nude"? Calm down ladies. Keep your shirts on...literally. I am referring to footwear, handbags, hosiery, makeup, and nail polishes. To take a solid black dress from dressy to casual, try throwing on a pair of nude heels. A great peep toe adds that extra sexiness that we might be looking for in a more casual look.

If you have a hard time finding that perfect shoe, try an AMAZING new line of "Design your own" shoes... Milkandhoneyshoes.com.

If you cannot find that handbag that is just the right color, grab yourself a nude one. There are some beautiful bags for Spring in the nude color family. Piperlime.com and endless.com are two fabulous websites to check out if you are in need of a new pair of shoes or handbag...or what about BOTH!

Check out this slouchy shoulder bag for only $80 from Topshop: http://us.topshop.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?catalogId=33060&storeId=13052&productId=2080888&langId=-1&sort_field=Relevance&categoryId=208705&parent_categoryId=208582&sort_field=Relevance&pageSize=20&refinements=category~[210032208705]&noOfRefinements=1&siteID=J84DHJLQkR4-XKs_gVexJZZBsN5e74Fo5Q&cmpid=usls_deeplink&_$ja=tsid:19905

aaaah! I am freaking out right now!!! BCBGeneration has a metallic cross body bag for only $38. OK! Take a deep breath and click on the link below because you know you want it!!!


When it comes to hosiery, you think nude is boring. You may be right, but try this on for size. A great pair of nude fishnets will take you many "fun" places. They are sexy, but an understated sexiness which is great for a daytime look or a more casual evening look. There are many different prints which come in a nude or natural color. It allows you to take your look to another level without going to the extreme or being the dreaded "overdressed."

Try this great pair by DKNY for only $14.50:


or maybe even these for only $14:


The "wrong" makeup colors can ruin a perfectly fabulous outfit! Why would you want to do that? Try a smokey eye with a nude lip...super seductive with some class. If you are one who feels that they NEED color on your lips then try a matte beige shadow with some major lashes and a stunning defined set of luscious lips. Unless you are going to a Halloween party or a similar event, steering clear of statement making lips, eyes, AND cheeks would be my opinion.


There is no need to spend a ton of cash to fill your makeup bag...try some great lines like Revlon or Maybelline. Smashbox is also a great brand. You can get the same colors from these lines at half the cost! Check out your local superstore for your many choices.

Remember...those who say it is wrong to go nude...should probably try it once it while! ;)

XO, Kelli B.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Zippers zippers everywhere, except where they normally are. They are being found in places that one would never think to put a zipper. They are on a handbag, but not to close it and on shoes, but just for decor. These amazing accents are also found on shirts, but in the most random spots. This wonderful trend is giving an edge to the most basic clothing or accessory. Happy news coming to you now...this trend can be sported at a very low cost (yaaaaaaay)!









Super cute flats with
edgy zipper detail/$18.99

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Roses are red....and black and pink and beige.

What a perfect time for roses to bloom into fashion. From clothing to hair accessories, shoes to handbags, they have taken the fashion world by storm...or at least a nice spring shower. Good news for all you flower lovers, these roses do not wither and are priced for your enjoyment. There are many ways to incorporate this dainty trend into your wardrobe. Handbags, hair accessories, spring dresses, shoes, or jewelry are some great ways to inexpensively update your fashion bouquet.


Forever 21 has some great rose accented accessories at incredible prices. As far as handbags go, I have found THE PERFECT one's at Bebe.com and Bakersshoes.com. On the apparel side of things, cute little dresses, cardigans, and feminine tops are the way to go. With this trend coming about at full force, you have the option of staying on the mild side or boldly going where no fashionista has gone before ;)!! I say go bold and jump in with both feet (with fabulous shoes on them...of course), but do not go overboard with the floral arrangement.

Speaking of shoes, websites like become.com and newportnews.com have some great shoes with rosette accents....AT TRULY SPECTACULAR PRICES.

Oh yeah...before I forget, I wanted to tell you about a wonderful rose scented fragrance. Joe Malone has a cologne called Red Roses that is amazing! It is $55-$100. To look at the wonderful sets they have available visit Joemalone.com.


Fabulous clutch w/ detachable strap

super cute pumps with a rosette accent


Happy Shopping!

Kelli ;)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ahoy Mates!

The nautical trend will be sailing into the spring collections. This is great news for all of you trend followers with a budget. I have some great tips on "becoming a sailor" without the large $$$. The Navy men and women are not the only ones who can look fabulous in nautical attire. I will refer back to my blog on buttons for this post. If you have a great jacket, vest, pair of pants or shorts that might need a little TLC...grab some nautical themed buttons to steam things up a bit. When it comes to the pants or shorts (flat front will work best), make two vertical rows of three buttons on the front of the pant (example to the right.) As far as jacket or vest, it is probably best to go with the previously made button holes...just to keep it simple. Rope accents are extremely fashionable within the nautical trend as well. You can use them as a belt, an accent on shoes or handbags, or jewelry. Another cute idea is to take advantage of some patches. Use your local army navy store to grab some sailor style patches for your cute skinny jeans or that amazing blue jean vest that you have had since 8th grade. Blue, red, yellow, and white are the colors to gravitate towards when trying to acquire the "seaman" or "sea woman" look. Stripes are also a plus, unfortunately they can also be a negative for some of us so be careful as to the placement of said stripes. Horizontal stripes are not forgiving. Here is a little hint on how to accommodate these dreadful horizontal stripes without looking 10 sizes bigger. Grab a striped scarf and use it as a belt, hair accessory, or SURPRISE...a scarf. Jewelry, shoes, and handbags can also be a great opportunity to give your outfit that nautical flare that it may need. Forever 21 is a great store to purchase some cute jewelry at WOW prices. Also remember that statement pieces-necklaces, earrings, bracelets-are hitting the runways hard. Another hint coming...find your self a broach of an anchor and pin it on your shirt or even your layered necklace (I will look for one and let your guys know soon.) To spice the pin up a bit (if needed), go to your local craft store and pick up some rhinestones to glue on your broach. Believe it or not, this can make a simple piece become the "it" factor of your entire ensemble.

There are even really cute items for your sassy pups!



Enjoy the wonderful world of fashion trends!


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Stomp your way to stylish!

If you are looking for a great way to stomp your way to stylish...these Rocket Dog Bonfire boots are super fabulous. You can find them on the Piperlime website for only $90...completely worth every penny! They are ankle height (so you can keep with the trend) and they have faux sheep fur lining (great for you animal friendly fashionistas). Need another reason to buy them...check this out! Piperlime.com offers FREE shipping and FREE returns.....YES I said FREE! You cannot get any better than that. Oh wait.....maybe you can...check out their amazing handbags!!!



Kelli ;)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My Coach Experience

Hello to you. I wanted to share a little story that happened at the Coach store this past weekend. My mom and I went to do a little shopping. I found this great teal Coach bag...get this..for only $75....I KNOW!!!!! Anyway, this lady was standing in the mirror with this beautiful pink clutch. I told her how great it was. She preceded to tell me that it was only $30. WHAT??? She was not sure whether or not she was going to get it. Again, WHAT??? At first I was like "oh, Pleeeeaaaase don't!" Then I thought about it. I already chosen the one that I wanted, so I helped her make up her mind. The reason she was not definite on the purchase was because she had no idea what she would wear it with. I went on to give her many great ideas on how she would get a lot of use out of that wonderful pink piece of heaven. She bought it and I think she may have bought a little coin bag that I showed her. All I have to say is "Congrats to her and her amazing purchase."

ps...So why don't customers get commission???? LOL

Kelli ;)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Check out those lashes!

When it comes to mascara, there are so many different brands, price points, and result factors to consider. Well here is some great news. Most mascaras get their results due to the applicator. Here is a little tip for you. If you find one that works well with your eyes and you are getting the results that you want, keep the applicator and go with a cheaper brand. All you have to do is clean the applicator with eye makeup remover and store it with your other makeup brushes.

Also, here are some alternatives to the higher price point mascaras.

DiorShow Iconic> Try the Covergirl Lashblast Mascara or the Maybelline XXL Extensions (wow)

YSL> Try the Covergirl Volumeexact Mascara

Lancome Definicils> Try the Covergirl Lashexact Mascara

I have found that Covergirl or Maybelline is just as effective as any of the expensive brands. Actually, some even work better.

The Maybelline XXL gave me the effect of false lashes without the false lashes. How great is that?

PS. Always remember to clean your eyes before going to bed! Target has a great eye makeup remover for a very low price. You can also just use olive oil.

Kelli ;)