Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My Coach Experience

Hello to you. I wanted to share a little story that happened at the Coach store this past weekend. My mom and I went to do a little shopping. I found this great teal Coach bag...get this..for only $75....I KNOW!!!!! Anyway, this lady was standing in the mirror with this beautiful pink clutch. I told her how great it was. She preceded to tell me that it was only $30. WHAT??? She was not sure whether or not she was going to get it. Again, WHAT??? At first I was like "oh, Pleeeeaaaase don't!" Then I thought about it. I already chosen the one that I wanted, so I helped her make up her mind. The reason she was not definite on the purchase was because she had no idea what she would wear it with. I went on to give her many great ideas on how she would get a lot of use out of that wonderful pink piece of heaven. She bought it and I think she may have bought a little coin bag that I showed her. All I have to say is "Congrats to her and her amazing purchase."

ps...So why don't customers get commission???? LOL

Kelli ;)

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