Friday, November 27, 2009

Channel your inner SEXY!!!!

Women are sexy so why not feel sexy! A friend of mine is a photographer and her creative mind has begun Boudoir Photo Shoots. It is an amazing way for a woman to tastefully (or not) display her sex appeal to her significant other or just for herself. She has already had a few sessions and the pictures...well...FABULOUS! She is amazing and very artistic. She can do classic, funky, or REAL sexy...your choice! This is a great way for a woman to channel her inner sex goddess. As far as attire, anything that you feel sexy in is the key. I would love to answer any questions you may have regarding the clothing so please ask. Ross and TJ Max are great stores to get cheap and sexy attire. You do not have to show all or spend a lot of money. Using things around your house is probably the best way for your pictures to capture "you". This would make an amazing, lifelong gift for whomever you choose! I am thinking about mid January for my shoot. When is yours?

Check out her website!

Stay fabulous.

Kelli ;)

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